Through the GRiT (Girls Riding Together) initiative, NICA is committed to reaching 33% female participation nationwide by 2023! We are working to recruit and retain female coaches and student-athletes through girls’ weekend rides, skills clinics, day-camps, summits, and other community-building events.

AZ NICA will be hosting ladies only events such as a pre-season meet & greet, skills clinics, and GRiT hangout zone at races, regional GRiT group rides and fun activities and an ambassador program.

We need volunteers in all parts of the state! Consider becoming an AZ NICA Coach. Female coaches are essential to the growth of female athlete participation. Spread the word to all female student athletes, friends and family members – encourage them to join us!

Please contact Jen Clark at if you’re interested in volunteering or for more information.


NICA’s Teen Trail Corps provides a great incentive for teams and riders to participate in trail maintenance events. Our long-term goal is to ensure every community has trails they can access and teams that maintain and steward those resources. We connect teams with community initiatives and trail and advocacy organizations across the state.

Please contact Sheldon Brown at if you’re interested in volunteering or for more information.

Learn more about NICA Teen Trail Corps

NICA Adventure is a program that allows youth to experience the benefits of mountain biking, camaraderie, community, and the outdoors. Reinforce our core values while building health and strength, learning new skills, and being part of a team of like-minded people through outdoor experiential education.

The AZ NICA Adventure Program promotes youth participation in fun activities, team building experiences, and epic outdoor adventures. It is a crucial component in providing resources to meet the social and emotional needs of all of our student athletes!

Please contact Steve Westwood at if you’re interested in volunteering or for more information.


Leaders' Summit

How does Arizona do it? Where do coaches learn how to start and manage an interscholastic mountain bike team? What are the do’s and don’ts of maintaining a healthy team or new league in your state? An Arizona Leaders’ Summit brings together coaches and leaders for an important weekend of hands-on education about what it takes to be an exemplary NICA coach. Learn more HERE!


Races and Events

NICA sanctioned races provide student athletes an arena in which to set and accomplish personal and competitive goals, in a safe and supportive environment.

AZ NICA will hold a 4 race series schedule, in the Spring of 2023. This will include a High School Championship Race and a Middle School Championship Race. All races will take place on Saturday, so that our mountain bike families will have an extra weekend day for themselves. Professional race promotion, timing, course preparation, and risk management guarantee every participating student athlete is given a fun and fast environment. Find more race information HERE!