2023 Fall Leaders Summit

We held our 2022 Leaders’ Summit on 10/15/22, stay tuned for a 2023 release date!

Online Leaders’ Summits

There will be 9 opportunities in 2023 for coaches to participate in an Online Leaders’ Summit!  The first session begins February 13, 2023. Please head HERE for more information and dates.


In-person Leaders’ Summit with Dual Track

Track 1 – New Coaches

This track is for new coaches or those that have not attended a Leaders’ Summit in the past (virtual or in-person).

  • NICA Coach Licensing and Registration
  • Risk Management Review for Coaches
  • Safety Reporting
  • NICA Handbook
  • Fundraising
  • Practice and Season Planning

Track 2 – Returning Coaches

This track is for returning Head Coaches, Team Directors or those that have attended a Leaders’ Summit in the past (virtual or in-person). Head Coaches please bring examples of your team contracts and practice plans.

  • Practice and Season Planning
  • Establishing a Positive NICA Team Culture
  • Creating a Strong Team/Parent
  • Working with School Administrators
  • Workshops – Risk Management Scenarios; Designing NICA Practice Plans; Goal Setting

NICA On-The-Bike Skills 101 (OTB 101)

NICA OTB training is designed for new and experienced coaches looking for effective skills and techniques for leading team practices and/or smaller groups as part of a team practice. Attendees will learn NICA-endorsed training methods, which includes the progressive steps needed to teach basic mountain biking skills to student-athletes. You’ll also learn about experiential teaching techniques, how to accommodate different learning styles, and how to create a positive learning environment for young riders. This course is required for coaches when first obtaining a Level 2 or 3 license and optional attendance can be used as CEU’s.

NICA On-The-Bike Skills 201 (OTB 201)

This course is open for coaches that have completed OTB 101. On-the-Bike Skills 201 is the second level of mountain bike skills instruction for NICA coaches of student-athletes. On-the-Bike Skills 101 provides insight to help coaches provide fundamental skills instruction, manage a practice, and lead team rides. On-the-Bike Skills 201 continues with progressive skill development and further resources for coaches to manage more advanced practice activities for growing teams. The key objectives for this training are: Reinforce effective teaching methodology and skills instruction techniques; Introduce progressive skills required by riders of varying age, maturation, ability level, and goals; Provide the coach with practice activities to reinforce student-athlete skill development; and facilitate the creation and use of a progressive practice plan for student-athlete skills development and team activities.